Community Benefits

Rockwood 10 Community

In addition to creating 224 high quality, energy efficient, safe, affordable homes — many of them family sized — Rockwood 10 will offer vital resources that will strengthen the health of our community.

Resources and Spaces for Kids and Families to Thrive

Hacienda CDC, as the co-developer and owner of Rockwood 10, will offer vital resources through a centralized community center to activate the park, educate and engage youth, and assist families with economic opportunity building and entrepreneurship.

A New Public Park: Natural Areas for the Entire Community to Enjoy

As part of the project, the South Rockwood Park will be created and opened to the public, allowing the entire community to access and enjoy the benefits of a public commons that was previously a fenced-in private space. The park will contain walking paths, community gardens, open space, play spaces, and areas for community gathering.  

Enhanced Connectivity and Walkability for a More Livable Community

By developing within a network of safe pedestrian connections, Rockwood 10 will increase access to local transit opportunities. Safe infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists will help Rockwood achieve a balance of flexible transit opportunities and readily connect residents to other areas of the community, including Vance Park, and Rockwood Rising.

Rockwood 10 will strengthen the health of our community and benefit our shared goal of a vibrant future for Rockwood.