Frequently Asked Questions

Rockwood 10 Community

Who will this housing serve? What income levels will be served?

Rockwood 10 will serve a diverse mix of income levels affordable to working families. It will prioritize family-sized, large units at an affordable rate — meeting a major need we have throughout Gresham.

Exact financing is still being finalized, but Rockwood 10 will primarily be workforce housing serving 40% to 80% of County Average Median Income, with potentially a smaller portion of the housing being market rate. Currently, housing available at this income range is largely missing in Gresham. The new apartments planned in other developments are predominantly market rate units that will have rents that will be approximately at or above 130% of Gresham Median Household Income levels. There are no comparable developments to Rockwood 10 that will offer the amenities in a new, high quality community at rental rates that are affordable to the average working Gresham family.

How many units will Rockwood 10 create?

Rockwood 10 will create 224 high quality, energy efficient, safe, affordable units.

When will the housing be available?

Housing construction will start in late 2019, pre-leasing in late 2020, and move-ins would start in early 2021.

Who is developing this project?

Community Development Partners and Hacienda CDC are co-developing Rockwood 10. Both will be co-owners of the project for the long term and have a vested interest in the long-term health and vibrancy of Gresham residents.

Community Development Partners develops and operates sustainable, life-enhancing housing with a focus on long term community engagement. Since launching in 2012, CDP has experienced tremendous success, developing and operating 18 unique housing communities.  CDP has been named one of the country’s top 50 affordable housing developers on multiple occasions.

Hacienda CDC is a Latino Community Development Corporation that strengthens families by providing affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and educational opportunities.

Who will the park and the services be available to?

The proposed South Rockwood Park and the services provided by Hacienda CDC will be open to the public, benefitting thousands of Gresham residents for decades to come. A programming plan is available on request detailing the public outreach and programming that will take place.

What type of programming will be provided by Hacienda CDC?

Hacienda CDC provides programs in Community Economic Development, Homeownership Support, and Youth & Family Support Services. This will include classes and advising for entrepreneurs, financial coaching and resources for credit building and saving, out-of-school activities for youth in grades K-8 and early childhood education opportunities. This well-rounded approach to addressing community need will mean more economic stability and a higher quality of life for Rockwood residents.

Will this increase traffic in the neighborhood?

Each apartment in Rockwood 10 will have access to a parking spot, per Gresham law, and ample bike storage. Rockwood 10 will also be easily accessible, near public transit and safe bike and pedestrian connections. With the addition of South Rockwood Park will also come increased connectivity, breaking up a landlocked block and connecting the main spaces of Rockwood Rising, South Rockwood Park, and Vance Park.  The project will also provide access to transportation through Hacienda CDC in an effort to eliminate unnecessary car ownership.