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Rockwood 10 Community

We need your help to make these affordable homes a reality.

Rockwood 10 will create affordable homes and resources we need for a more vibrant community. But there are a few steps in the process before Rockwood 10 can become a reality.

The Gresham Design Commission must approve the project and they will be considering the building and site design on March 27, 2019. It is important that decision makers hear from the community that we support affordable housing, public green spaces, youth services and safe walkways.  

  • Join organizations and individuals encouraging the Gresham Design Commission to approve the Rockwood 10 affordable housing proposal by adding your name to the letter below.
  • Show your support for a vibrant Rockwood community by attending the Design Commission meeting where the project will be approved ( March 27 2019 )
  • Tell the Gresham Design committee why you support Rockwood 10 by testifying at the Design Commission meeting ( March 27, 2019 )

Sign the Letter to Support Rockwood 10

Gresham Design Commission
Gresham City Hall, Oregon Trail Room
1333 NW Eastman Parkway
Gresham, OR 97030

Dear Design Commission:

We are writing to encourage you to support Rockwood 10, a proposed housing community within the town center of Rockwood. As local organizations, elected officials, and community leaders, we believe that Rockwood 10 would benefit Rockwood and the surrounding neighborhood.

For too many in Gresham, rising rents and housing costs are becoming a real hardship. Right now, average wage earners working full time are struggling to even rent a one-bedroom apartment. Rockwood 10 would create 224 high quality, safe, affordable homes in our community to make sure that hardworking people at a diverse range of income levels can do right by their families.

Rockwood 10 will do more than just create affordable homes. Design of this project included careful research into the community needs of the Rockwood neighborhood and the City of Gresham. By prioritizing easy access to transit, accessible green and programmed gathering spaces, pedestrian connections, and youth-oriented services, Rockwood 10 will provide the Rockwood area with an accessible and high-quality housing community.

Rockwood 10 will serve as a community hub in what is now a landlocked block with little shared community benefit. By amending the Open Space Overlay and approving the design, the project will move forward with transforming an area of private, uncultivated land inaccessible to the public into South Rockwood Park. The park and community building will serve as a beautiful programmed space for the entire Rockwood community to enjoy and will enhance safe pedestrian and bike travel by connecting the previously disconnected main segments of the neighborhood: Rockwood Rising, South Rockwood Park, and Vance Park.

Led by Hacienda CDC, Rockwood 10 will offer vital resources to strengthen the health of our community and provide families and young people with educational and economic opportunity programs. Rockwood 10’s community and park spaces will provide needed space for community programming that will benefit thousands of Gresham residents for decades to come.

Rockwood 10 fulfills the goals of Gresham’s housing policy. The project addresses the need we have for a full range of quality housing at diverse income levels by prioritizing family-sized, large units at an affordable rate. It reflects the City’s housing goals of livability and economic development by including a public commons, and bike/pedestrian routes for increased connectivity to a wide array of services and opportunities throughout Rockwood’s town center.

We appreciate the continued commitment of the City of Gresham and the Design Commission to building a vibrant future for the residents of Gresham. To further advance that goal, we respectfully encourage you to approve plans for the Rockwood 10 and ask that you do what you can to help advance the project.


**your signature**

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Full list of Organizations and Local Businesses:

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)
Bethany House, Inc.
Birch Community Services, Inc.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland
Bridges to Change
Casa Jalisco
Coalition of Communities of Color
Community Cycling Center
East County Rising
El Indio’s
El Programa Hispano Catolico
Free Arts NW
Gresham United Methodist Ministries
Growing Gardens
Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East
Hacienda Community Development Corporation
Housing Oregon
Human Solutions Inc.
La Tapatia
Metropolitan Family Service
Micro Enterprise Services Of Oregon
Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)
New Avenues for Youth
NOAH — Network for Oregon Affordable Housing
Outgrowing Hunger
Portland Lutheran Association for Christian Education
Proud Ground
Pueblo Unido PDX
Reynolds Education Association
Rockwood CDC
Rockwood Solid Waste INC
Russian Oregon Social Services
Safe Routes to School National Partnership
SnowCap Community Charities
The Rockwood Center
The Rosewood Initiative
Urban Greenspaces Institute
Wallace Medical Concern

Community Members:

Sandra Acosta Casillas
Lu Alba
Angie Arriaga-Andersen
Layla Assem
Amanda Beach
Lakota Bearsghost
Jerrilyn Bearsghost-Couturier
Medea Lee Bozich
Serin Bussell
LaTasha Carter
Fabiola Casas
Carolina Castañeda
Tristan Craft
Nancy Davis
Maria Delgado
Reynolds School Board Member Yesenia Delgado
Former Metro Councilor Betty Dominguez
Dave Dyk
Taren Evans
Rachel Fetters
Shea Flaherty Betin
Erica Fuller
Evelyn Fuller
Patrice Fuller
Maria Garcia
Hugh Harris
Sarah Haynes
Hugh Holtman
Corina Jones
Jim Labbe
Brent Lee
Brynn Lerma
Nadia Manuylidi
John Mulvey
Gennie Nguyen
Deborah A. Olson
Melanie Owensby
Hermelinda Palafox F.
Pam Phan
Andrea Pickett
Daniela Reyes
Jessica Rice-Rodgers
Reynolds School Board Member Ricki Ruiz
Gabriela Saldaña
Keith Scholz
Ruth Sherman
Rocio Sierra
Francisco Sulub
Shirley Vandermosten
John Vandermosten